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SKY FUNDS LTD is a U.K. based company, We've spent the past three years trying to make PrimeForex LIMITED into one of the most advanced companies in the field of Forex Trading. Our Company succeeded to support multiple Trading instruments (futures, forex, stocks, and options).
Our advanced trading robots made by our in house programming team, Our in house backtesting and strategy developer focus on dynamic trading environment. Our State of the Art AutoTrade bot technology (ATBT) is one of our most powerful trading robot for automated trading. SKY FUNDS LTD was founded in 2016. Under the company name Prime Forex Limited Company, and registered with (FSA,UK) under reference no. 09970465 This website is operated by PrimeForex LIMITED to handle financial instrumensts in accordance with the markets in different financial instruments.
SKY FUNDS LTD - skyfunds.win

14% Почасовой за 8 часов {Прибыль 112%}
Планируемая сумма ($) Часовая прибыль (%)
План 1 $ 2,00 - $ 10000,00 14,00

7.5% Почасовая за 16 часов {Прибыль 120%}
Планируемая сумма ($) Часовая прибыль (%)
План 1 $ 2,00 - $ 10000,00 7,50

200% через 3 дня {Прибыль 200%}
Планируемая сумма ($) Прибыль (%)
План 1 $ 2,00 - $ 10000,00 200,00

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