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2 Фев 2013
Contesting Hidden Waters

Автор: W. Todd Jarvis

Короткое описание книги

The world increasingly relies on groundwater resources for drinking water and the provision of food for a growing population.

The utilization of aquifer systems also extends beyond freshwater supply to include other resources such as heat extraction and the storage and disposal of substances.

Unlike other books about conflict resolution and negotiations over water resources, this volume is unique in focusing exclusively on conflicts over groundwater and aquifers.

The author explores the specific challenges presented by these &quote;hidden&quote; resources, which are shown to be very different from those posed by surface water resources.

Whereas surface watersheds are static, groundwater boundaries are value-laden and constantly changing during development.

The book describes the various issues surrounding the governance and management of these resources and the various parties involved in conflicts and negotiations over them.

Through first-hand accounts from a pracademic skilled in both process and substance as a groundwater professional and professional mediator, the book offers options for addressing the challenges and issues through a transdisciplinary approach.

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