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2 Фев 2013
They Call Her Dana

Автор: Jennifer Wilde

Короткое описание книги

A seventeen-year-old Southerner rises from her dirt-poor roots to become a celebrated actress while searching for her past in Jennifer Wilde's spellbinding New York Timesbestselling historical romance All Dana O'Malley wants is to escape the Louisiana bayou, where her stepfather and his two no-account sons treat her like a slave.

Her prayers are answered when an act of violence forces her to flee her backwater town and she meets Creole aristocrat Julian Etienne.

But he is only the first of four men who will bring her fame, love, and shattering heartbreaka prophecy foretold by a hoodoo woman with the gift of second sight.

As Dana rises up in the world and achieves untold success as an actress, her destiny comes full circle.

Soon she will uncover the truth about her mysterious parentageand at last solve the riddle of the recurring dream about a mist-shrouded stranger that has haunted her since childhood.

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