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2 Фев 2013
101 Circus Games for Children

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When the circus isn't in town, children can still enjoy it at a birthday party, summer camp, drama class, or elementary school thanks to this colorful collection of circus-based games and activities.

Ideal for children ages four through 12, the book draws on popular circus elements such as acrobatics, clowns, animal numbers, and balancing acts.

The games are presented in a clear, simple way, range from ten to 45 minutes in length, and vary in complexity.

Each section includes a &quote;circus program&quote; children can use if they want to plan an actual performance.

Readily available props are used for some of the games, and costumes are encouraged for all! Noncompetitive and playable without special skills training, the activities in 101 Circus Games for Children provide delightful entertainment for participants and spectators alike.

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