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2 Фев 2013
501 Reading Comprehension Questions

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The newly revised and updated 501 Reading Comprehension Questions offers the most extensive and varied practice for all types of questions students might face on standardized and in-class tests.

Beginning with the basicsquestions that test basic vocabulary in contextthe book progresses into tougher concepts like identifying details and facts, choosing main ideas, making inferences, and interpreting texts.

With 501 Reading Comprehension Questions, students will learn to develop expert reading strategies, understand how to read faster and with greater comprehension, overcome reading anxiety, and even increase their appreciation of reading for pleasure.

This books unique step-by-step approach provides:*; Graduated coverage that moves from the basics to more advanced reading*; High-interest reading passages*; Self-paced practice*; Detailed answer explanations*; Access to a free online practice test with instant scoring

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