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2 Фев 2013
Acting: Cut the Crap, Cue the Truth – Living the Life and Doing the Job

Автор: Natalie Burt

Короткое описание книги

Acting: Cut the Crap, Cue the Truth fills a gap in the drama school curriculum, tackling many areas which are unaddressed during training and discussing issues that are more often than not hushed up afterwards.

Starting from the vital final stages of training, and on to life as a professional, Natalie Burt - a young, jobbing actress - moves systematically through the challenges that every actor faces; from making strategic career decisions, to the logistics of TV and film sets and voice over work, to more personal matters such as renting and flat-sharing, finance and well-being when out of work.

Rejecting gimmicks and quick fixes, she encourages motivational thinking and entrepreneurialism using an informal, unapologetic and humorous tone whilst sharing information that is current, relevant and from the frontline.

Or, as Natalie puts it, 'a thorough, constructive and ball-achingly honest chat about the industry, written by someone who still has all their own teeth.

'Contributors to the book include Spotlight, Equity, James Penford from Hatton McEwan Penford agency and Alice Purser from Andy Pryor Casting.

Endorsements:'What Natalie Burt has done here is remarkable.

She has written a luminously honest, very funny, often very touching voyage of what it is actually like to be afflicted with the unquenchable desire to dedicate oneself to being a professional actor.

' Timothy Spall O.


E(ese)'A refreshing and entertaining take on the challenges facing actors and how best to surmount them.

' Ben Seale, Managing Partner, Spotlight'Natalie's book is like her acting: playful, irreverent, and accomplished.

An invaluable resource.

' Laurie Sansom, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Scotland'At last! The book all aspiring actors have been waiting for.

A truthful, comprehensive, funny guide to life as a jobbing and sometimes not jobbing actor.

' Caroline Quentin'The best book ever written.

' Natalie's mum

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