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2 Фев 2013
Adventures of Robin Hood

Автор: Oliver Emanuel

Короткое описание книги

So is Robin Hood a real person? Yes and no.

What does that mean? He's a legend.



a myth.

Define myth, please.

A story that has been told so many times it's impossible to tell if it's true anymore.

A shadow creeps across the courtyard of Nottingham Castle.

Someone has been stealing chickens which is a crime punishable by the loss of an ear.

The Sheriff of Nottingham and his wolf are lying in wait but tonight they will get more than they bargain for.



A tale that's been told a thousand times - although never quite like this - The Adventures of Robin Hood is a story about heroism and friendship, corruption and murder.

There are sword fights, archery competitions, daring rescues and impossible escapes.

A wild, anarchic take on an ancient story.

Originally commissioned by Visible Fictions and the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.

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