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2 Фев 2013
African Land Rights Systems

Автор: Aquiline Tarimo

Короткое описание книги

This book, from ethical, interdisciplinary, and African perspectives, unveils the root causes of the increasing land disputes.

Its significance lies upon the effort of presenting a broad overview founded upon a critical analysis of the existing land-related disputes.

It is a perspective that attempts to evaluate the renewed interest in evolving theories of land rights by raising questions that can help us to understand better differences underlying land ownership systems, conflict between customary and statutory land rights systems, and the politics of land reform.

Other dimensions explored in the book include the market influence on land-grabbing and challenges accompanying trends of migration, resettlement, and integration.

The methodology applied in the study provides a perspective that raises questions intended to identify areas of contention, dispute, and conflict.

The study, which could also be categorized as a critical assessment of the African land rights systems, is intended to be a resource for scholars, activists, and organizations working to resolve land-related disputes.

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