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2 Фев 2013
Age of Opportunity

Автор: Laurence Steinberg

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';Simply the best book I have ever read about adolescence.



With gentle wisdom, Steinberg guides us through truly novel findings on what happens during adolescence and tells us how, as parents and teachers, we should change our ways.

' Martin E.


Seligman, Ph.


, author ofThe Optimistic Child ';If you need to understand adolescentswhether your own or anyone else'syou must read this book .



Steinberg explains why most of our presumptions about adolescence are dead wrong and reveals the truth about this exciting and unnerving stage of life.

'Jennifer Senior, author ofAll Joy and No FunOver the past few decades, adolescence has lengthened, and this stage of life now lasts longer than ever.

Recent research has shown that the adolescent brain is surprisingly malleable, making it a crucial time of life for determining a person's future success and happiness.

InAge of Opportunity,the world-renowned expert on adolescence Laurence Steinberg draws on this trove of fresh evidenceincluding his own groundbreaking researchto explain the teenage brain's capacity for change and to offer new strategies for instilling resilience, self-control, and other beneficial traits.

By showing how new discoveries about adolescence must change the way we raise, teach, and treat young people, Steinberg provides a myth-shattering guide for parents, educators, and anyone else who cares about adolescents.

';A fascinating book [that] parents and teachers ought to read.

'Atlanta Journal Constitution ';This book belongs on the shelf of every parent, teacher, youth worker, counselor, judgeheck, anyone interested in pre-teens and teenagers.

'David Walsh, Ph.


, author ofWhy Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen

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