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2 Фев 2013
Ain't Your Mama's Bedtime Stories

Короткое описание книги

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be transported to magical realms in this collection of oh-so-hot bedtime stories.

From street-smart detective R.


Punzel to Little Red and Snow White, you're favorite fairy tales are given a sexy twist in these seven enticing fables.

Seven Hot Tales Under The CoverR.


Punzel Lets Down Her HairDee S.

KnightMix one street-savvy detective, two hapless parents and a missing computer genius.

Shake well, then top with a spicy, luscious secretary, and you have the makings for the case of the century.

Is it any wonder, that when Ramona Punzel is rescued by PI, Richard Hammer, she lets down her hair-and more?Beauty or the BitchJasmine HaynesShelby Stewart was the hottest rising star in Hollywood until suddenly, she was cursed.

Retreating to her mountain hideaway, far from that fairy tale life, she hasn't been seen in ten years.

Will Dexter King, sent by his magazine to ferret out her story, find a beauty? Or a bitch?Snow White and the Seven DorksDakota CassidySnow White has a whole new adventure for the year 2003! She's landed herself a job working with the seven Dork Brothers while she hides from her wicked stepmother.

Between keeping up with Happy's prescription for Prozac and Grumpy's anger management, she has her hands full.

But Prince (Charming that is) is coming to the rescue.



Little Red, The Wolf and The HunterLeigh WyndfieldOn her way to Grandmother's house, Sybil Hood confronts the creepy Simon Wolf.

Hot on Simon's trail, Mark Hunter is determined to bring down the deranged serial killer.

When both Sybil and Mark fall into the madman's clutches, their courage is tested as they join forces not only to survive, but to defeat the big, bad Wolf.

Once Upon A PrincessRae MorganPrincess Nadia has a bad rep.

Two princely husbands; both dead from reputed cases of too much sex.

Now, no man wants to bed her, and her sexual urges need more than a piece of plastic and a couple of double-As.

When the handsome stranger knocks on the castle door, he is the answer to her immediate needs.

But would a commoner do for a happy-ever-after ending?Petra and the WerewolfSydney MorgannWhile swimming nude in a secret woodland pool, Petra , a Russian peasant girl, meets Wolf Romanoff, king of the woodland wolves, and her heart recognizes him as her soul mate.

Unfortunately, Wolf has been wrongfully blamed for recent villager deaths.

He is hunted day and night by the hunter Ivan, who also wants Petra for his wife.

Peter's TouchVanessa HartPeter was a guy who'd never grow up, as far as marketing guru Wendy was concerned.

Physically, though, he'd matured into a hottie.



and he was hot for her.

Longing to show Wendy that they'd be good together, Peter challenges her to a private getaway weekend.

Neither are prepared for the surprising consequences when Wendy calls his bluff.

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