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2 Фев 2013
Am I Still My Brother's Keeper?

Автор: Robert Wafawanaka

Короткое описание книги

What does the Bible say about poverty and our responsibility toward the poor? This book examines the concept of ';brother's keeper' in both the ancient Near East and the biblical world.

Wafawanaka contends that biblical Israel failed to play the rightful role of brother's keeper and claims that we, too, have strayed from this responsibility.

Am I Still My Brother's Keeper? reveals what we can learn about poverty from a biblical context and how we might appropriate those insights to fight poverty in our own communities.

Beginning with the biblical mandate in Deuteronomy 15, Wafawanaka surveys the Hebrew Scriptures and challenges those with power and resources to reevaluate their response to the poor.

Failure to revisit the notion of ';brother's keeper' threatens to create a society that is increasingly disenfranchised and unjust.

A glance at our world in light of biblical history suggests that poverty is an endemic global problem that requires a radical global solution.

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