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2 Фев 2013
America in the Progressive Era, 1890-1914

Автор: Lewis L. Gould

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America in the Progressive Era, 1890-1914 provides a readable, analytical narrative of the emergence, influence, and decline of the spirit of progressive reform that animated American politics and culture around the turn of the twentieth century.

Covering the turbulent 1890s and the era of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the book covers the main political and policy events of a period which set the agenda for American public life during the remainder of the twentieth century.

Key features include:- A clear account of the continuing debate in the United States over the role of government and the pursuit of social justice- A full examination of the impact of reform on women and minorities- A rich selection of documents that allow the historical actors to communicate directly to today's reader- An extensive Bibliography providing a valuable guide to additional reading and further researchBased on the most recent scholarship and written to be read by students, America in the Progressive Era makes this turbulent period come alive.

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