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2 Фев 2013
American Pragmatists

Автор: Cheryl Misak

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Cheryl Misak presents a history of the great American philosophical tradition of pragmatism, from its inception in the Metaphysical Club of the 1870s to the present day.

She identifies two dominant lines of thought in the tradition: the first begins with Charles S.

Peirce and Chauncey Wright and continues through to Lewis, Quine, and Sellars; the other begins with William James and continues through to Dewey and Rorty.

This ambitious new account identifies theconnections between traditional American pragmatism and twentieth-century Anglo-American philosophy, and links pragmatism to major positions in the recent history of philosophy, such as logical empiricism.

Misak argues that the most defensible version of pragmatism must be seen and recovered as animportant part of the analytic tradition.

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