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2 Фев 2013
America's War and Peace Cycles

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This is a one of a kind study of America's War and Peace history.

History events are used like Data by me to describe the ebbs and flows of what becomes definite periods of wars and of peace, the peace periods often having Peace Treaties documenting these turning times.

The data of history events spans from the 1600s and includes America's Indian Wars and events of early Colonial years, to the near present of 2002.

Current conventional history can then be your guide.

The cycles seem to accelerate over the centuries, as America's boundaries expand and population grows, and as Eurpean Wars have increased influence on America's own war and peace history.

A rather un expected correlation in America's present war peace cycle, since 1999/2000 as projected, is that it is the same major cycle but in reverse in its highs and lows, as is the American stock market! Dennis J.

Foley, Author and Researcher.

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