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2 Фев 2013
Andersen's Fairy Tale

Короткое описание книги

&quote;Andersen's Fairy Tales&quote; tells us the fact that Andersen's &quote;Fairy Tales Told for Children&quote; written from 1835 has affected generations of people of Denmark, Europe and the world in the past one and a half century.

Someone say that he read Andersen's fairy tales by himself and read to his son, read to his grandson, read to his great-grandson, and then .






Someone say Andersen's fairy tales can be read together by three generations, these words are not exactly exaggerated; Andersen's fairy tales have been so loved by hundreds of millions of generations of readers around the world.

In his lifetime, Anderson had published &quote;Fairy Tales Told for Children&quote;, which includes twenty-two volumes containing more than one hundred and seventy fairy tales.

His fairy tales are really unique and are loved by the children and adults of the world throughout more than a century because of its wonderful fantasy, profound wisdom, both humor and satire, and amazing artistic charm.


Ren Rongrong of a famous childrens writer said: Andersens fairy tales can be read from childhood to old age.

and it is indeed a fact.

There are also many famous masterpieces before Anderson, such as Grimms Fairy Tales etc.

But this literary form became popular until Anderson era.

He inherited the oral tradition of Nordic storytelling and collected a lot of myth and Supernatural legend and the mastery of foreign works, he created a new fairy tales, which were made pioneering work of the rise of childrens literature.

Without Andersons contribution, the world childrens literature might not become prosperous.

Conversely, the development of the world childrens literature is closely associated with the name of Andersen.

Many of his works have become classics and have become part of European languages, and were incorporated into the dictionary.

For example, The Emperors New Clothes, almost everyone knows this is an extremely sharp allegory.

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