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2 Фев 2013
Angels and Deceivers

Короткое описание книги

Sam Spade has nothing on Aaron Pierce! As a private detective in 1948 Los Angeles, Aaron sets out to find a missing woman, with her best friend at his side.

But is the sexy, seductive Fay helping or hindering the search? Passion ignites the pages of this fiery mystery from Phillipa Grey-Gerou.

It's 1948.

The war is over, and Los Angeles is slowly returning to normal.

All the glitz, all the glamour, all the intrigue.



Investigating the disappearance of a pretty heiress, detective Aaron Pierce meets the provocative Fay Sexton.

Aaron has lost everything that he had ever thought was important to him, leaving him only his personal demons and a private investigator's job that barely covered the bills.

Fay is sultry and seductive and refuses to leave Aaron's side for a minute.

She's difficult to resist, and Aaron quickly finds himself falling under her spell.

But even when attraction explodes into passion, Aaron has suspicions about Fay's involvement in her best friend's disappearance.

As the evidence unfolds, Aaron has to decide how much to trust the siren sharing his bed before an innocent woman is hurt.

Or worse.



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