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2 Фев 2013
Anna Karenina

Автор: Leo Tolstoy

Короткое описание книги

Tolstoy produced many drafts of Anna Karenina.

Crafting and recrafting each sentence with careful intent, he was anything but casual in his use of language.

His project, translator Marian Schwartz observes, "was to bend language to his will, as an instrument of his aesthetic and moral convictions.

" In her magnificent new translation, Schwartz embraces Tolstoy's unusual style - she is the first English language translator ever to do so.

Previous translations have departed from Tolstoy's original, "correcting" supposed mistakes and infelicities.

But Schwartz uses repetition where Tolstoy does, wields a judicious cliche when he does, and strips down descriptive passages as he does, re-creating his style in English with imagination and skill.

Tolstoy's romantic Anna, long-suffering Karenin, dashing Vronsky, and dozens of their family members, friends, and neighbors are among the most vivid characters in world literature.

In the thought-provoking Introduction to this volume, Gary Saul.



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