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2 Фев 2013
Anne of Green Gables

Короткое описание книги

&quote;Anne of Green Gables&quote; is a best selling novel by author Lucy Maud Montgomery(1874-1942).

She was born at Edwards Island in Canada.

She was the single daughter in her family.

Her mother died early, her father did business outside, she lived with her grandfather and grandmother.

Montgomery liked reading and writing from childhood and exhibited a very high literary talent.

She is a prolific writer.

She published nearly five hundred short stories and poems and 24 novels.

&quote;Anne of Green Gables&quote; was written by Montgomery when she was 30 years old, and soon this book became a bestseller after its publication It was reprinted 15 times in a year.

There is no decline after repeated sales and she was famous in Europe-American .

The novel has been translated into more than fifty kinds of languages in nearly a hundred years.

People often take Anne in red hair in &quote;Anne of Green Gables&quote; as the success of the immortal Alice, the most touching and loving children image.

&quote;Anne of Green Gables&quote; is the first of &quote;Anne Series&quote; by Montgomery who wrote &quote;Anne of Avonlea&quote;, &quote;Anne of the island&quote;, &quote;Anne of Windy Poplars&quote;, &quote;Anne's House of Deams&quote;, &quote;Anne of Ingleside&quote; novels afterwards encouraged by Mark Twain that describes the life experiences and emotional journey in different periods of Anne.

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