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2 Фев 2013
Anointing Divine

Автор: Theodore Austin-Sparks

Короткое описание книги

&quote;The promise of the Father&quote; was a long-standing promise, and therefore, a long-standing hope.

The point, of course, which is so impressive, is this, that .



all the meaning and value of Christ, in every respect, was only made effective here by the coming of the Holy Spirit.



If He &quote;did not go away, the Spirit would not come&quote;; it was &quote;expedient that He should go away&quote; for that very reason, surely indicating and implying that all that He had come to do, and did, waited for its practical effectiveness in the coming of the Spirit.

Christ's life, Christ's work, and Christ's power as Son of Man here, was dependent entirely upon the anointing.

He fulfilled all His ministry in dependence upon the anointing, by all that the anointing meant.

It was true in His case, and the Word of God bears that out abundantly, it must be all the more true, certainly equally true, in the case of the church; that the church's life and work, ministry and power rest solely upon the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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