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2 Фев 2013
April Dawn – Life Lives

Автор: P.D. Cain

Короткое описание книги

A young girl awakens to find she has memories from two different pasts, fifty years apart, and both ended tragically when eight years old.

She feels different.

She is different.

She is alive! She (April) is warned by 'Travis', the 'Test Robot with Autonomously Verified Intergrational Systems' to trust no-one, not even the Professor, her 'Pa'.

April is also under the strict guardianship of Li-Ming, her 'educator'.

When transported across America in a specially adapted RV (the CatV), they meet Jack, who teaches her new things.

April discovers more of herself, and of other people.

Shadowing her are government agents.

Also following are the Chinese, who want to abduct her, but are constantly thwarted by mishaps and circumstance, until they get their chance on Lake Erie.

The U.


military, however, wants her killed.

Why?On arriving at the destination in Maryland she has to use the skills and abilities gained if she is to live.

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