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2 Фев 2013
Architecture and Ideology

Короткое описание книги

Architecture and Ideology consists of twenty-two essays arranged in four thematic units: Ideological Context of Architecture, City and Power, Morphology and Ideological Patterns, and Designers and Ideology.

The subjects that are investigated and elaborated are connected with the influences of different 20th century political and social ideologies on urban development and the architecture of various European cities, from the east and the west.

The authors are professors and scientific researchers from various European universities and institutions and theoreticians of architecture, architectural historians and aestheticians, and architecture practitioners.

The majority are from Serbia and other countries from the former Yugoslav Republic, namely Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, though countries such as Hungary, Russia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and the UK are also represented.

The essays will be of interest to university professors and students, researchers in the history and theory of architecture and city, and professionals in art and architecture, as well as sociologists, historians, and philosophers.

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