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2 Фев 2013
Assault and Flattery

Автор: Katie Pavlich

Короткое описание книги

New York Times bestselling author and FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich exposes the truth behind the real war on womenthe one being waged by Democrats.

Assault and Flattery goes beyond the Democratic Partys rhetoric and exposes its shocking and sustained assault on American women that has lasted for generations.

And in some cases, the word assault is quite literal.

Katie Pavlich thinks the Democrats have run the conversation for too longand is out to debunk the sacred cows of the so-called Republican War on Women.

Conservatives are raving about Assault and Flattery.

Mark Levin calls it a thorough and gutsy book that should help set history straight.

Michelle Malkin calls it a tour-de-forcebold, beautiful, and brilliant.

Sean Hannity calls Katie one of the countrys top conservative reporters, and Monica Crowley says she blows the lid off the lies the Left tells women.

In Assault and Flattery, Katie Pavlich explains that what the Democratic Party is doing to women, it is doing to us all.

By segregating us by gender, theyre harming our future.

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