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2 Фев 2013
Autism and Understanding

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&quote;[The authors] provide a detailed breakdown of the scientific underpinnings of Waldon's theory in language accessible enough for parents and rigorous enough to satisfy the informed researcher/practitioner.

&quote; - The Journal of Autism and Developmental DisordersDaniel S.

Posner, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of medicine at Mt Sinai, New York, NYThe author sets out an approach based on Dr Geoffrey Waldon's philosophy of the development of understanding, which centres on helping children learn-how-to-learn.

The book includes:- The inspirational and well documented story of the author's son, diagnosed at two with autism and as 'basically sub-normal', now a successful professional with a wife and child.

- An introduction to Geoffrey Waldon's theory and working methods.

- Testimony from parents and teachers, covering autism and a range of learning difficulties.

This book does not offer a 'miracle cure' for autism, although the author aims to counteract the prevailing view that autism is a lifetime condition.

The author demonstrates that with the appropriate intervention, children with autism - and other special needs - can gain a fuller understanding of the world and learn to take a constructive and contributing place in it.

Teachers, therapists, doctors, parents and special interest groups will find this book an important and potentially transformational read.

Listen to a podcast of Walter Solomon discuss the story of his son Robert, the motivation behind his new book and how to get started using the Waldon Approach.

Listen hereOr watch the video here!

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