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2 Фев 2013
Beachy Head

Автор: Hannah Barker

Короткое описание книги

It has been a month since Stephen jumped.

Amy collects her husband's effects, the things he had with him gathered in a single box.

There was no sign - no warning of what he would do.

As fractured memories of their last night together rewind, replay and unravel, she is desperate to find out why.

Joe and Matt are making a documentary.

Whilst reviewing their footage they make a startling discovery that takes their film in an unexpected direction - the blurred image of a man jumping from the cliffs.

Beachy Head is a powerful look at the ripple effects of one man's decision to take his life.

'A quietly splendid production, magically well staged; it lingers long' -The Observer'Beachy Head treats its sombre core themes - mortality, grief and artistic responsibility - with a clever, caring and occasionally humorous theatrical intelligence.

Well-researched and simply but fluidly staged, it is a skilful blend of text of technology.

Analogue's desire to probe the painful, mysterious emotions behind clinical facts is honourable.

' - Donald Hutera, The Times

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