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2 Фев 2013
Beware the Mare

Автор: Jessie Haas

Короткое описание книги

Named to the Sequoyah Award Master List: Experienced rider Lily is ready for a real horsewill Beware the mare bring her good or bad luck? The bright-eyed bay mare in the truck looks very small.

Lily's grandfather brought her home to their Vermont farm as a present for Lily.

She's shaggy, her mane is tangled, and she looks as if she hasn't been brushed in a long time.

To Lily, she's beautiful.

But Lily has to solve the mystery of her name.

Why is she called Beware? And why did Gramp get her so cheap? Is something wrong with her? Lily can't imagine whatshe's already crazy about the little bay.

The test will be when Lily takes her out for her first ride.

What will happen then?This charming story of a girl and her pony will capture the hearts of horse-crazy young readers everywhere.

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