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2 Фев 2013
Big Cry Wolf

Автор: Nina S. Gooden

Короткое описание книги

Roux has never been happier in her life.

As a human living among wolves, she's ready to tackle the job of earning their respect and approval.

Her mate, Aldrich, is a sinfully sensual Alpha with the ability to light her up with just one look.

It's a shiny new start, a fresh chance to have all the things she never thought she would: love, acceptance, and security.

She never expected it to be easy, but she didn't think it would be murder.

When the confusing world of wolf politics and caste expectations takes a deadly turn, she finds herself in the midst of a brewing war where only she can find the true instigator.

There are other shifter-races in the forest surrounding Harmony, and if she doesn't stop this war, conflict will shake them all.

To make matters worse, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot re-summon the Blut-kette.

Aldrich, needs the mystical red riding hood to remain sane, and every day he is without it, he loses a little more of himself to the battle between man and beast.

It's up to her to conquer the warring energies within her and the Pack.

She has to .



or she will lose everything.

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