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2 Фев 2013
Bioinformatics for Beginners

Автор: Supratim Choudhuri

Короткое описание книги

Bioinformatics for Beginners: Genes, Genomes, Molecular Evolution, Databases and Analytical Tools provides a coherent and friendly treatment of bioinformatics for any student or scientist within biology who has not routinely performed bioinformatic analysis.

The book discusses the relevant principles needed to understand the theoretical underpinnings of bioinformatic analysis and demonstrates, with examples, targeted analysis using freely available web-based software and publicly available databases.

Eschewing non-essential information, the work focuses on principles and hands-on analysis, also pointing to further study options.

Avoids non-essential coverage, yet fully describes the field for beginnersExplains the molecular basis of evolution to place bioinformatic analysis in biological contextProvides useful links to the vast resource of publicly available bioinformatic databases and analysis toolsContains over 100 figures that aid in concept discovery and illustration

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