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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

Biorefineries outlines the processes and steps to successfully scale up production of two types of biofuels, butanol and ethanol, from cellulosic residues for commercial purposes.

It covers practical topics, including biomass availability, pretreatment, fermentation, and water recycling, as well as policy and economic factors.

This reflects the unique expertise of the editor team, whose backgrounds range from wood and herbaceous feedstocks to process economics and industrial expertise.

The strategies presented in this book help readers to design integrated and efficient processes to reduce the cost of production and achieve an economically viable end productOutlines the economic benefits of designing a single operational process.

Includes all currently available processes on pretreatment, fermentation and recoveryCovers all pretreatment, fermentation, and product recovery optionsFocuses on biofuels but acts as a stepping stone to develop cost-efficient processes for an array of commodity chemicals

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