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2 Фев 2013
Black Women and Popular Culture

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With the emergence of popular culture phenomena such as reality television, blogging, and social networking sites, it is important to examine the representation of Black women and the potential implications of those images, messages, and roles.

Black Women and Popular Culture: The Conversation Continues provides such a comprehensive analysis.

Using an array of theoretical frameworks and methodologies, this collection features cutting edge research from scholars interested in the relationship among media, society, perceptions, and Black women.

The uniqueness of this book is that it serves as a compilation of ';hot topics' including ABC's Scandal, Beyonce's Visual Album, and Oprah's Instagram page.

Other themes have roots in reality television, film, and hip hop, as well as issues of gender politics, domestic violence, and colorism.

The discussion also extends to the presentation and inclusion of Black women in advertising, print, and digital media.

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