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2 Фев 2013
Blood Bayonet Vol 1-2

Автор: ChenDa Xv

Короткое описание книги

The book tells that led by the company commander Lu Yunxuan and the deputy company commander Yang Shangwu and others of the first company of some corps of the sixtieth army of Kuomintang that defended in North Jiangxi area, the whole company acted under orders to defend in a Nameless Highland, ambush the Japanese supply for a fleet port the main battlefield of the main forces.

Unexpectedly, the information was wrong.

The Japanese soldiers escorting the convoy for an infantry battalion were nearly a thousand people, and also equipped with a medium tank and infantry artillery and other heavy weapons.

Even more, the commander is Japanese aristocrat Fujiwara Hijiro Da Zuo.

In order to complete the order, Lu Yunxuan with the others had to attack the Japanese crustily.

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