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2 Фев 2013
Board Team Handbook

Автор: Bob Fitch

Короткое описание книги

Get board members up to speed quicklyand improve overall productivity and knowledge!The biggest update of our flagship publication ever! More than 80,000 copies have been sold.

It includes timeless advice on: The board's job description and the role of officers.

Developing board policy.

The executive director's role and the board's relation to staff.

Making board meetings productive and basic parliamentary procedure.

Managing nonprofit risk.

Board member recruitment.

Developing successful committees.

Expanded info on monitoring nonprofit finance, including how to read a balance sheet and income statement.

Avoiding common nonprofit financial pitfalls.

Solutions for dealing with problem board members.

Sample board of director and president qualification checklists.

Tactics to successfully implement strategic plans.

Sample &quote;chain of command&quote; chart.

Sample executive director succession plan.

Recommended insurance coverage for nonprofits.

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