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2 Фев 2013
Boost Your Vitality

Автор: Thorbjorg

Короткое описание книги

The Scandinavian anti-age queen and wellness guru is back, offering readers sound advice on how to successfully drink their way towards a more balanced, healthy and revitalized lifestyle.

Boost Your Vitality features Thorbjorg's best liquid recipes, all concocted from natural ingredients and guaranteed to enhance energy levels and promote overall health.

The book builds upon the author's 'Circle of Vitality' concept, a framework that seeks to target the various vitality areas that all contribute towards a more conscious, invigorating way of life (namely energy, balance, strength, vitality, passion, harmony, clarity and movement).

So if your immune system is faltering, or if you feel you need an energy boost before an important meeting, there is a special smoothie or juice quick enough to blend and guaranteed to give you the required results.

If you are a fan of Thorbjorg's 10 Years Younger Program, then this is just the book for you!

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