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2 Фев 2013
Bush Telegraph

Автор: Luke Strongman

Короткое описание книги

A &quote;bush telegraph&quote; is an antipodean slang noun phrase for a &quote;grapevine&quote; or an informal network of communication.

The title of this book on English language use comes from the fact that the book is written from the southern hemisphere (where the idea of a &quote;bush telegraph&quote; is more widely-known) and because the concept of a &quote;bush telegraph&quote; describes what the book provides - a discussion of salient points in English language use and tertiary teaching across branches of interrelated interests.

Each chapter of Bush Telegraph describes aspects of English writing culture.

Separately and together, these 20 chapters teach, elucidate, analyse, and discuss crucial aspects of English writing culture, in order to communicate central ideas in, and improve knowledge of, English language writing culture.

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