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2 Фев 2013
Bye Bye, Little Red Schoolhouse

Автор: Justin A. Collins

Короткое описание книги

Never before has the hot seat for educational leaders reached such scorching temperatures.

Even in a world marked by jarring change over fiercely compact time frames, one constant will not soon change: outcomes accountability.

Too often, instructional leaders frantically sprint to a desired achievement end with only shallow plotting of the improvement course.

Though many facets of public education have remained unchanged, technology has shaken up both the societal and educational landscapes.

School improvement undertakings will only hit the mark when they fully incorporate both the manner in which students engage the classroom material and the tilt that technological immersion introduces into the improvement equation.

This book presents a timely discussion for educational leaders, policymakers, and the interested public of how students engage subject matter.

As important is unlocking the role that technology plays in exacerbating both the desirable and pernicious learning behaviors from one classroom period to the next.

With this information in hand, teachers can make better informed plans for tooling excellent instruction.

All the while, defining the impact on outcomes makes it easier for faculties to keep their eyes on the achievement prize.

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