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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Barbara Galler-Smith, Josh Langston

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Part Two of the trilogy (Druids, Captives, Warriors)Cast into slavery, two Druids must escape and protect an ancient magic from one who would abuse it.

As the spiritual heart of his clan, seer Druid Mallec is trusted and adored by all around him.

Continuing to wonder at his past visions of a dark haired woman, his attentions shift to a series of calamities overtaking his people.

Mallec struggles to understand why they have lost their gods favour, unaware of the untimely resurrection of the evil Driad Dierdre, and her plans for his ultimate downfall.

Meanwhile, healer Driad Rhonwen, Mallec's dark haired vision, remains in slavery passing from bad master to worse.

Repeatedly punished for her resistant nature, but kept alive for her healing skills, Rhonwen survives, unaware of her intertwined fate with Mallec and the betrayal that will soon cast him into chains.

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