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2 Фев 2013
Caroline's War: Vale Valhalla

Автор: Joy Chambers

Короткое описание книги

Before Caroline can find peace, the world must go to warOne hundred years after the conflict, the men who fought in the Great War have all but faded away, and only the memory of their sacrifice will be preserved.

Between 1914 and 1918 soldiers from all over the world converged on the trenches of Belgium and Northern France: from Australia and New Zealand, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Wales and the far reaches of the British Empire they came to fight alongside the Belgians and the French.

CAROLINE'S WAR: VALE VALHALLA is a compelling, epic novel that follows the lives of a group of Australians through the years prior to, and during, the First World War.

At the heart, is the constant life-long hatred between two mortal enemies and the woman who loves one of these men with an abiding passion yet marries the other: Matthew Craken, flamboyant dilettante; John Conrad Fleet, the steadfast, honest soldier; and Caroline Dere the woman in both their lives.

When Matthew is badly injured by John Conrad in a fight over the death of John Conrad's sister, Matthew takes retribution by ensuring he captures Caro for himself.

Their story is played out against the searing background of the First World War where ultimately Matthew, John Conrad and Caro find that the power of forgiveness can bring peace.

*Published in print as VALE VALHALLA

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