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2 Фев 2013
Case-Control Studies

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The case-control approach is a powerful method for investigating factors that may explain a particular event.

It is extensively used in epidemiology to study disease incidence, one of the best-known examples being Bradford Hill and Doll's investigation of the possible connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.

More recently, case-control studies have been increasingly used in other fields, including sociology and econometrics.

With a particular focus on statistical analysis, this book is ideal for applied and theoretical statisticians wanting an up-to-date introduction to the field.

It covers the fundamentals of case-control study design and analysis as well as more recent developments, including two-stage studies, case-only studies and methods for case-control sampling in time.

The latter have important applications in large prospective cohorts which require case-control sampling designs to make efficient use of resources.

More theoretical background is provided in an appendix for those new to the field.

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