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2 Фев 2013
Chemokines, Part B

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The understanding of chemokines, the proteins that control the migration of cells, and their receptors, is critical to the study of causes and therapies for a wide range of human diseases and infections, including certain types of cancer, inflammatory diseases, HIV, and malaria.

This volume, focusing on chemokine structure and function, as well as signaling, and its companion volume (Methods in Enzymology volume 461, focusing on chemokines as potential targets for disease intervention) provide a comprehensive overview and time-tested protocols in this field, making it an essential reference for researchers in the area.

Along with its companion volume, provides a comprehensive overview of chemokine methods, specifically as related to potential disease therapyGathers tried, tested, and trusted methods and techniques from top players in chemokine researchProvides an essential reference for researchers in the field

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