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2 Фев 2013
Church Wake-Up Call

Автор: David L Loudon, Le Etta Benke, Robert E Stevens, William Benke

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Is your church viable in the changing marketplace of today--and tomorrowToday's church market is comprised of four cultural paradigms--Youth, Baby Busters (Generation X), Baby Boomers, and Pre-Boomers.

Each has unique characteristics in terms of attitudes, spiritual orientation, values, emotional needs, moral perspective, and lifestyle.

This implies significant changes for the church--new approaches to ministry and different methods of communication and interface.

Church Wake-Up Call's unique Ministries Matrix approach provides effective management techniques to help you define and evaluate duties, priorities, and remedial actions for the future of your ministry in today's multigenerational context.

Church Wake-Up Call will inform and enlighten you on these subjects: understanding and using the Ministries Matrix to define purposes and priorities for your church eirecting your ministry toward a particular age group without compromising the church's message increasing your church's visibility structuring your church's management organization creating an effective outreach program .



and more!Although the book is oriented toward churches and their leadership and has been written largely from an evangelical Christian perspective, the descriptive information regarding each of the generational categories that comprise today's populace is applicable to all Christian organizations, whether they be evangelical or mainline Protestant, Catholic or parachurch.

Similarly, the management system, which integrates defined purposes, priorities, and programming options into a well-coordinated plan of action, can be applied by all such organizations.

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