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2 Фев 2013
Coaching and Mentoring

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Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors hereCoaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text is a unique contribution to the field.

It traces coaching influences back to pre-modern times showing connections with ';soul healers' of the past, taking a journey through modernity to post-modernity making links that helps us better understand coaching today.

Positioning coaching as working between the 'wounded-self' (of therapeutic culture) and 'celebrated-self' (of the human potential movement), it reveals four discourses that underpin contemporary coaching practice:The Soul Guide Coach: coaching the 'inner-self', focusing on values, authenticity and identity.

The Psy Coach: coaching the 'outer-self', using psychological techniques to focus on personal performance and how we relate to others.

The Managerial Coach, coaching the 'role-self', focusing on work, task, output and productivity.

The Network Coach, coaching the 'networked-self', focusing on the wider networks in which we live and work.

This vital new book brings a fresh and critical perspective on coaching and mentoring, challenging its taken-for-granted assumptions and narratives.

It is written by a practitioner-scholar, and develops an exciting vision for coaching today.

Key features: - Accounts for the diverse influences on contemporary coaching practice - Reveals how coaching is the new 'post-modern confessional' - Develops a meta-theory of coaching that acts as a baseline for future developments - Offers frames of thinking to guide coaching and mentoring practitioners and educators.

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