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2 Фев 2013
Coaching Pocketbook

Автор: Ian Fleming

Короткое описание книги

Coaching is aimed at improving performance at work.

This is done by turning the activities people do into learning situations, in a planned way and under guidance.

The Coaching Pocketbook defines the coach's role and explains how coaching differs from the other 'helping skills' of advising, instructing, counselling and mentoring.

There are four key stages to coaching, namely assessing current performance levels, setting outcomes for learning, agreeing tactics/initiating action, and giving feedback.

The author explains each stage and then moves on to summarise the various skills required.

Next, the opportunities for coaching and the potential pitfalls are highlighted.

A checklist and a case study end the Pocketbook on a practical note.

&quote;Encapsulated my belief in the potential of people and showed me how to translate this into appropriate action&quote; &quote;For UK plc to win a global marketplace it is essential for managers and leaders to understand learning and to develop coaching skills.

This pocketbook provides a very readable insight into understanding the challenge.

&quote; &quote;An amazing amount of ground has been covered in this little book - it unravels a complex subject in a very practical and easy to understand format.


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