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2 Фев 2013
Cogeneration in the Cane Sugar Industry

Автор: J.H. Payne

Короткое описание книги

The cane plant is probably the most efficient utilizer of sun energy for food production, and at the same time provides an equivalent quantity of biomass.

The purpose of this book is to set down the unique position of sugar cane in the cogeneration field.

Simultaneous with the development of distance-transmission of electricity, sugar cane processors started cogeneration, making use of the cane plant to supply the power for its own processing, and in recent years excess power for export.

A broad view of cogeneration in the cane industry, covering the energy available in a crop, the technology of processing for optimum recovery of energy as well as sugar is presented here.

The book describes the most practicable processes for recovering energy in the form of process steam and electricity.

Cogeneration in the Cane Sugar Industry should be of interest to a broad spectrum, including government agencies, biomass interests, power generators, public utilities as well as sugar producers and technologist.

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