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2 Фев 2013
Cognitive and Intellectual Disabilities

Автор: Michael P. Brady, Ronald L. Taylor, Stephen B. Richards

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Cognitive and Intellectual Disabilities: Historical Perspectives, Current Practices, and Future Directions provides thorough coverage of the causes and characteristics of cognitive and intellectual disabilities (formerly known as mental retardation) as well as detailed discussions of the validated instructional approaches in the field today.

Features include: A companion website that offers students and instructors learning objectives, additional activities, discussion outlines, and practice tests for each chapter of the book.

An up-to-date volume that reflects the terminology and criteria of the DSM-V and is aligned with the current CEC standards.

Teaching Applications: presents the strongest coverage available in any introductory text on instructional issues and applications for teaching students with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

A unique chapter on &quote;Future Issues&quote; that explores the philosophical, social, legal, medical, educational, and personal issues that professionals and people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities face.

This comprehensive and current introductory textbook is ideally suited for introductory or methods courses related to cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

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