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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

Picture postcards first began to appear in Colchester in 1902, used by people from all walks of life as a cheap and easy form of communication.

Fortuitously, local photographers saw the opportunities provided by the cards and began capturing everyday local scenes, leaving us with now priceless snapshots of a bygone age.

Said to be the oldest recorded town in Britain and the site of the first Roman city, Colchester has a story that is second to none.

While the town has changed greatly over the past two millennia, the origins and history of Colchester are still very much part of its fabric, and the postcards contained in this book capture just a glimpse of it.

Colchester: The Postcard Collection provides a fascinating insight into how this incredible town has changed over the past century.

Colchester's most iconic buildings, much-loved monuments and long-lost views are all brought to life in this beautifully illustrated volume.

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