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2 Фев 2013
Collected Stories 2

Автор: Henry James

Короткое описание книги

Encompassing a period of almost fifty years, the stories of Henry James represent the most remarkable feat of sustained literary creation in modern times.

For sheer richness, variety and intensity, they have no equal in fiction, enabling us to trace the evolution of a great writer in the finest detail.

This collection reprints all the major stories together with many unfamiliar but equally intriguing pieces that illuminate their more celebrated companions.

Volume 2 takes us from ';The Private Life' of 1892 to James's last story, ';A Round of Visits,' published in 1910.

These are the magnificent works of James's maturity';The Death of the Lion,' ';The Altar of the Dead,' ';The Figure in the Carpet,' ';The Turn of the Screw,' ';In the Cage,' ';The Beast in the Jungle,' and many othersin which the deepening darkness of the author's life casts a tragic but heroic shadow on the themes of his youth.

Contents of Volume 2The Private LifeThe Real ThingOwen WingraveThe Middle YearsThe Death of the LionThe Coxon FundThe Next TimeThe Altar of the DeadThe Figure in the CarpetThe Turn of the ScrewIn the CageThe Real Right ThingThe Great Good PlaceMiss Gunton of PoughkeepsieThe Abasement of the NorthmoresThe Special TypeThe Tone of TimeThe Two FacesThe Beldonald HolbeinThe Story in ItFlickerbridgeThe Beast in the JungleThe PapersFordham CastleJulia BrideThe Jolly CornerCrapy CorneliaThe Bench of DesolationA Round of Visits

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