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2 Фев 2013
Computation Of Mathematical Models For Complex Industrial Processes

Автор: Hongmei Yao, Tonghua Zhang, Yu-chu Tian

Короткое описание книги

Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic researchers and industrial practitioners, this book provides comprehensive case studies on numerical computing of industrial processes and step-by-step procedures for conducting industrial computing.

It assumes minimal knowledge in numerical computing and computer programming, making it easy to read, understand and follow.

Topics discussed include fundamentals of industrial computing, finite difference methods, the Wavelet-Collocation Method, the Wavelet-Galerkin Method, High Resolution Methods, and comparative studies of various methods.

These are discussed using examples of carefully selected models from real processes of industrial significance.

The step-by-step procedures in all these case studies can be easily applied to other industrial processes without a need for major changes.

Thus, they provide readers with useful frameworks for the applications of engineering computing in fundamental research problems and practical development scenarios.

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