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2 Фев 2013
Consolidating Conquest

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This groundbreaking and controversial new study tells the story of two nations in Ireland; an Irish Catholic nation and a Protestant nation, emerging from a blood-stained century.

This survey confronts the violence and enmity inherent in the consolidation of conquest.

Lenihan contends that the overriding grand narrative of this period was one of conflict and dispossession as the native elite was progressively displaced by a new colonial ruling class.

This struggle was not confined to war but also had cultural, religious, economic and social reverberations.

At times the darkness was relieved throughout the period by episodes of peaceful cooperation.

Consolidating Conquest places events in Ireland in the context of three Stuart kingdoms, religious rivalry within and between those kingdoms, and the shifting balance of power as monarchy and commonwealth, Whitehall and Westminster, fought for ultimate power.

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