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2 Фев 2013
Cosmic Leap

Автор: Haidee Belshaw

Короткое описание книги

Cosmic Leap' is the second volume of 'Saba's Choices' picking up where 'Mother Lake' left off.



Saba, a charismatic shaman gifted with amazing powers, is from a fisher tribe living in forested isolation around the great eel lake and northern coast of Ireland.

She is rescued from a perilous attack and becomes the lover of Fion, the headstrong leader of a Bronze Age clan.

Inspired yet haunted by her partly Inuit ancestry, Saba incurs tribal jealousy and hatred.

The dynamic which involves Saba, Fion and an exotic array of personalities in devastating conflicts for power and gender domination, is imbued with the primal psychic energy of a harsh and earthy age.

If like them, we combine our outer and inner perceptions of a more than human world, the mysteries come alive as in dreaming, where the boundaries which surround the 'self' are dissolved; could Saba help humans elsewhere choose dreams of rapport with the greatest force of life.

This seminal epic of Old Europe spans the Newgrange and Maltese temple rituals, Akkadian, Kretan and Eastern cultures.

Those who enjoyed Jean Auel's Earth's Children series should find 'Saba's Choices' an enthralling read.

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