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2 Фев 2013

Автор: P L Herlihy

Короткое описание книги

In 2297, eighty-two years after Earth Abandonment to Mars, the Company is sending back a salvage team to retrieve the ISELP (International Space Exploration Launch Platform).

The mission for the five Company crew members on board the Crater ship 'The Gybe' is straightforward, return to Earth, refit the one hundred and twenty year old ISELP and sail her back to Mars.

But space laboratories sealed up on board the ISELP hold something the Company wants, whatever the cost, making them expendable.

The Company controls the resources loop on Mars for sustaining life in the biohedron cities and those resources are fast running out.

The plan for deep space colonization is a cover for something far more sinister and Perin Sybaris, a member of the Company Board, is determined to make sure the ISELP returns, as it carries the key to a plan his ancestors set in motion long before Earth Abandonment and it is a plan not even the rest of the Board are fully aware of.

Can Noona and her crew save Mars?

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