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2 Фев 2013
Crosscultural Transgressions

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Crosscultural Transgressions offers explorations and critical assessments of research methods and models in translation studies, and points up new questions and directions.

Ranging from epistemological questions of description and historiography to the politics of language, including the language of translation research, the book tackles issues of research design and methodology, and goes on to examine the kind of disciplinary knowledge produced in translation studies, who produces it, and whose interests the dominant paradigms serve.

The focus is on historical and ideological problems, but the crisis of representation that has affected all the human sciences in recent decades has left its mark.

As the essays in this collection explore the transgressive nature of crosscultural representation, whether in translations or in the study of translation, they remain attentive to institutional contexts and develop a self-reflexive stance.

They also chart new territory, taking their cue from ethnography, semiotics, sociology and cultural studies, and tackling Meso-American iconic scripts, Bourdieu's constructivism, translation between philosophical paradigms, and the complexities of translation concepts in multicultural societies.

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